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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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caught on camera. an apparent tornado. >> and live and in hd, this is abc7 breaking news. coming in from quantico, virginia. this home video shows a tornado during the height of rush hour.
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forcing firefighters to rescue drivers from their cars. top of damaged homes and power outages. we begin our storm watch as storms have been all over the region. have live team coverage with reporters in the elements. with ouring to begin meteorologist in the weather center. >> the best news of all -- we no warnings out there right now. tornado warnings, watches, no flash flood warnings. not very heavy rains moving district and in to prince george's county. the track over the next 10 minutes or so. moving into chillum, to come takomaville -- park, hyattsville. nearly 3 inches of rain since early this morning. we do have on settled whether
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that will remain in the forecast hours. overnight again, tomorrow, we could looking at additional showers and thunderstorms. a felucca my forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> we will see you then. in addition to that funnel cloud tornado may have hit near the middle of virginia. that is the epicenter of this summer's earthquake. at home that was built decades between the revolutionary war suffered serious damage. we are live with the dramatic pictures and reaction from neighbors. manors is the sylvania house. it was lined with columns and it had a roof. house has been sitting here since 1746. tonight, its roof is in the front yard. with tore through the area spawned a tornado.
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it roared past this 250-year-old home. it packed so much power for this house. it had withstood centuries of storms. came through and pick the roof right off. it said it down in the yard. >> the winds tore the roof off the house, toppled columns, and pounded the historic structure. the once gentile interior now to the harsh elements. frank and his wife drove through the storm. once it passed, fear turned to then it grief when the plantation manor house. >> you can see the damage and how bad it is damaged. is trouble. >> authorities say there is no of thef the nature storm. a sheriff's deputy spotted the cloud was driving. >> it was definitely a tornado. >> his son-in-law owns the house
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restore it. is so extensive, he if it will be it to itso restore colonial era glory. >> i do not know if we have insurance. we do not know yet. >> this is what the house look untiln its heyday and up this afternoon. owner of the house meet with his insurance representative to make some kind about thenation , which hashis house for some many years. >> thank you. we are also in stafford county. this is the scene. along jefferson davis highway. crashed through the roof of a barbershop. heavy winds also damaged a car dealership and it left a number of neighborhoods in the dark. at last check, no one suffered
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serious injuries. now to fairfax and loudon counties. drivers were trapped. our live coverage continues with some dramatic video and interviews. >> steve was talking about how much rain we saw in this area. about 3 inches. 1.5 inches coming down in a very time.period of driving was tough and dangerous. while the rain came down on on west and brought it to a dead stopwas elsewhere. >> i am shocked because my car is now gone. they were in those two cars, this on the bottom of hill. stuck inside. >> one of the trucks pushed me down. started floating. there was no way for me to turn
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around. started coming up hire faster and faster. >> within minutes, what looked passible was now a small stream. the cars began to flow. the water was rising and there were estimating it to be about 3 feet. >> and getting inside the car. >> they were in the vehicle. we call the fire department to come on down. minutes later, they were out. pushing their cars to drier ground. rattled but fine. ever seen anything like that? >> no, sir. >> and a lesson learned. you know the area, do not think that your car can outdo somebody else's. >> that goes for suv drivers as well. can miss judge how deep the .ater is when you see standing water like the road, turn around way to getother
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home. from fairfaxe county. >> great advice. the concern of severe weather led to fear on campus. proved to be controversial. at this.ok it was sent by the account of maryland just of -- just beforehe 7:00. in addition, emergency whether sirens went off on campus several times. there was not a tornado warning for college park or the surrounding region. we e-mail the campus for comment not received a response. we are following new on thements of an all 11-year- boy following the murder of his mother. police make a desperate plea in for william mcquain arrested hisve stepfather for her mother's death.
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we are live outside montgomery county police headquarters with exclusive details. >> the 11-year-old is still even though his is behind bars. charged with killing the boy's mother. he was arrested earlier this a motel in north carolina, where police located the victims at -- victims suv. he was seen last wednesday items from his wife's apartment. the seminar where she was found on wednesday. >> he was a fantastic little boy. he would take out my trash. >> this woman dratted -- chatted her for about 20 minutes as out a tv. >> he said he had to take it to fixed.p to get >> i thought something was wrong.
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>> concerned school officials the moms good friend who the mom and son missing. phone.e to him on the not want to be identified. >> she was a wonderful individual. we are at a great loss. was a wonderful mother. >> she was found dead in her bedroom, trauma to her upper body. police in north carolina have lopez in custody, but there is no sign of the stepson. >> my hope is debt he may be with a family member or a .riend as time goes on, it becomes more more of a long shot that the case. >> friends and neighbors fear worst. >> we are very concerned and angry. say he has been with first-degree murder. cooperating with any
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on where the boy could be. lopez will be processed in north carolina and transferred back here to maryland. >> thank you. up, the new iphone is about to hit stores. why this new phone could start for a chiefblems competitor. >> plus, a woman suffers a medical emergency after having sex. big! big. big, big. big big big big? big big big bg big. big big...big. ♪ big big big -big. -big! [ cheers and applae ] ♪ big big big -big big. -big! -big -big -♪ big
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being written. is running for reelection for the seat long held by the late edward kennedy. tonight, a woman says she lost her memory after having sex. >> the new iphone debuts. thef you ride the metro, station where police are concerned. >> a newly issued flood warning for fairfax county. [ speaking french ]
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>> you are watching abc7 news at harris, alisonon ryan, and tim brant. this is abc7 the news at 11:00, on your side. metro police are increasing of armedfter a string robberies. case, a man walked up to handgun and a demanded their valuables. incidentrecent
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happened this morning. a local woman suffered withia after having sex her husband. our partners at wtop reports you to georgetown hospital. doctors he could not remember the 24 hours since having sex. the woman suffered a rare case of transient global amnesia. it is extremely rare. it usually only happens once to people in their 50s or 60s. an update on the smartphone wars. highly anticipated iphone hits stores across the country. this comes with major frustration among black very owners.kberry it goes on sale at 8:00. we remain on storm watch.
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rain coming down on southbound i-95. this happened at the 150-mile marker. right near quantico. the tornado did not cause any injuries. >> now moving through northeast d.c. and in to prince george's county. of it coming to an end. afternoon, at one point, we separate tornado warnings. fairfax county and the other in quantico. this is one of our spotters. she saw this from her office. you can see how the clouds began up and all of the flowing in the wind. here is a different one. the funneling at that touched the ground, it a tornado. the national weather service checkingut tomorrow of the areas where there to see if it was
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wins or just a tornado. we will have a report coming up you tomorrow morning. look at the live super doppler radar. the showers moving through the off to theving north. have a newly issued flood fairfax county until 2:00 in the morning. is going on in of our doppler radar. everything moving towards the princend east into county and towards baltimore. heaviest rain we had in west beginning to lift out of here. the high temperature make it up to 77 degrees. we have some sunshine. not sign, theyid severe weather in western maryland and the panhandle, where temperatures were only in 50's. atis now 68 degrees on -- reagan national airport.
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since earlier this morning, national hospital had over 1.5 inches of rain. 2.4 inches in boyds, maryland. our final stop takes us out to ruston. 3.7 inches of rain there. a lot of thunder and lightning around 5:00 this morning, in montgomery county. is it -- the latest of the warnings.d no tornado watches. a flood watch for fairfax until 2:00 in the morning. satellite and radar, you low moving off towards the northeast. the west of us. during the day tomorrow, it will signal a change in wind direction. breeziercooler, drier, conditions. the dew point level in the mid- 60's. look what happens as we move
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the day on friday. our skies are clear. breezy,day, comfortable, cool, and sunny. the hike tomorrow will be around 75 degrees. a few scattered showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon much sunshineow we see. a beautiful weekend ahead. the next showers will come on tuesday, only a 30% chance. head over to our web site for great videos from the quantico. quite a night. a lot of people pulling off to the road whenever driving. thank you. >> it has cleared up in time for the game this weekend. it is a big ballgame as well. the redskins underdogs. and a great game between the and penguins. coming up next.
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>> the toyota sports desk, by a local toyota dealers. moving a forward. the penguins and capitals are two of the best hockey teams in the game. terrific theater when they played. the capitals were down one. he gets pushed from behind and the pop flies past fred johnson. the game was tied at one. still tied in the third period. obie gets the gold. two-1 washington. trying to send it into overtime. the first power play of the game. tough angle and sudden victory 3-2. the capitals are 3-0.
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let's go to baseball. it was tied 2-2 in the middle of the sixth. this look like a double play ball, but it hit the base and went into left field. hits aters later, young home run. that makes it 6-2, breaks it wide open. the tigers win and head back to texas. milwaukee and st. louis. morgan will score easily from third. brewers a lead 4- as they head into the bottom of the ninth. the eagles say their focus not the past.and they are looking to washington to turn their season around.
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the redskins' defense will be tested and they know it. our defenseieves lot better.ole stand backt vick there and be comfortable, he has to pick us apart. we want to get back there and continue what we started. >> nba commissioner david stern tells in his gut tells him that not reachedent is tuesday, there will be no nba basketball on christmas. that have not called the entire but they are getting deep into the season. gets a.c. teacher surprise. honor she received and the reasons behind it.
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a d.c. teacher got a huge surprise at a school assembly. a math teacher at mckinley high school received the milton award, recognizing the foron's top 40 teachers their work. by the honor.d she received a check for $25,000 her achievements. way to go. [ male announcer ] one-hundred-nineteen data points.
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we just have to get to the weekend. at our doppler radar. movingviest showers towards the north and east. flood warning for montgomery fairfax county, and until 2:00 in the morning. the extended outlook. temperatures before this weekend. by thursday of next week. a high of only 60 degrees. >> we will get to that later. that will talk about tomorrow. captioned by the
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